Here are the frequently asked questions regarding the Pro version and answers to those questions.

What’s the difference between the Free and the Pro version?

The Pro version adds a number of additional features such as always showing the “Pin it” button, additional icons, ability to repin images, and a few more. It also grants the ability to get support directly from the developer as opposed to using the public support forum on and possibly waiting a few days for an answer. What’s important to note is that the Pro version does not fix any bugs that exist in the Free version.

How does the fee work?

When you buy the Pro version you get a license key that allows you for the next 365 days to:

  • download the plugin using your user account on
  • automatically update the plugin (get new versions)
  • get support directly from the developer

After those 365 days you get the ability to prolong your license for another year for a discounted price. If you won’t prolong the license, the plugin will still work exactly the way it did and you can use the version you have forever. You just lose the things listed above. In other words, if you are happy with the way things are, there’s no need to prolong your license.

Pro features FAQ

Adding “Pin it” button to tags other than img

For the “Pin it” button to show up on elements that aren’t img tags, you need to adjust the Image selector setting, so it catches the elements that have the background-url CSS property set. If you have some knowledge about jQuery selectors, you should be able to adjust this setting yourself. If not, feel free to send a support email to get help with resolving the issue.

Repinning images

You can set up your images so they are repins of the original one instead of new pins. To do that, you first have to Pin the image yourself and get its Pin Id. If the URL of your pin is then 90142430027057159 is the Pin Id you need. Now edit your image’s HTML and add a data-pin-id attribute with the value equal to your Pin Id. The effect should look like the following:

<img class="alignright wp-image-58" src="" data-pin-id="90142430027057159" width="500" height="250" />

Alternatively, you can open the image editor in the WordPress editor and paste the Pin Id into the Pin ID setting in Advanced Options.

Where are “additional” button designs?

The list of choices in Icon dropdown is the same as in the ‘Lite’ version of the plugin. Please note, however, that in the Lite version of the plugin one can’t use most of them. The rest is unlocked in the Pro version.

How to update the plugin to the newest version?

Auto Update

The easiest way is to activate your license. This way, you will get update notifications just like you do for plugins and you will be able to update the plugin exactly the same way. If your license is active and the update process fails, try deactivating and activating the license once again. Usually, that fixes the issue.

Manual Update

Alternatively, you can use your account to download and install the newest version manually. First, click the Customer login on the home page and enter your account’s credentials. Once you log in, you should be taken to the Purchase History screen. There, you should click View Details and Downloads on your purchase. On that page, you can find the download link on the bottom of the page in the section Products. Download that file.

Now please export your current settings (in the Import/Export tab), then deactivate and delete the plugin from your website. Now you can install the downloaded file (just like you did when you’ve bought the plugin), activate the license and import your settings using the file you got after exporting.

Why there isn’t an “unlimited” license available?

I decided to cap the license activation limit to 50 for the most expensive option for one important reason. This plugin in some cases requires a lot of support. On some websites it works flawlessly right of the bat, while on others it requires some fine-tuning to make it work exactly as the buyer wants. It all depends on the theme and plugins the website is using. Because of that. adding an unlimited license might cause someone to buy a single license and request support over and over again and possibly spending a lot of time for a fairly (in my opinion) small price. Also, I don’t think there are that many people who need the activation limit to be more than 50.