Image Auto Poster

Image Auto Poster is a WordPress plugin that allows you to automatically share images from your posts to your Pinterest account. It’s meant to save your time. Instead of spending time pinning your images the plugin does that for you so you can focus on more important things.

Is Image Auto Poster for you?

If you Pin images from your posts to your Pinterest account by hand then by all means the plugin is for you. That is, if you want to hand over this activity to the plugin and spend time on more important activities.

If your website features many original and pinnable images, pinning those to your account is a popular way of promoting your site. And if you can do this automatically, that’s even better.

Consider buying the plugin if you run a website about:

  • Travelling and lifestyle
  • Photography
  • Food and cooking
  • Fashion and clothes
  • Interior design

If most of your images are stock photos, images used under Creative Commons or plain old screenshots, you don’t need the plugin.


Choose images to be pinned in the post editor

While you work on your post and add images to it, they show up in the meta box right beside the post editor. You just need to check the boxes next to images you want to be pinned to your account and save the post. Once the post is published, the images will be Pinned. If you always pin almost all of your images to Pinterest, there’s a setting for that in the plugin’s setting panel so you don’t even have to click those boxes.

Pin images from older posts in a few clicks

What if you have a bunch of posts that need the Pinterest treatment? The plugin has got you covered. Just select posts that need pinning and use the bulk action the plugin adds – Pin images.

Choose board for your pins

Besides choosing the default board where your pins go, you can assign boards to your categories. This way when you publish a post with a category that has an assigned board, it will be used instead of the default board. To go even further, you can choose the board the images will go to in the post editor. All of that to make sure your images will end up when they would end up if you pinned them by hand.

Set a description for your pins

Setting custom descriptions for every image takes time. Instead you can use data from the post (like title or tags) or the image (like title or alt attribute) in a description format of your choice. When the plugin pins an image, it processes your format to come up with the description. You can read more about the description format in the documentation.

Frequently asked questions

What are the requirements for the plugin?

Image Auto Poster requires at least PHP 5.2 (minimum required for WordPress) with the cURL module, WordPress 4.4 and a modern web browser.

How does the support work?

When buying the plugin, you get direct access to me and a guarantee that your issue with the plugin will be solved, if possible, in a timely manner.

How does the licensing system work?

License must be renewed after one calendar year for ongoing updates and support. You can still use the plugin even if you don’t renew the license.

How many sites I can use the plugin on?

Currently there’s only one license available and with it you can use the plugin on a single site. There might be other license options available in the future if need be.

Do you offer refunds?

If you are not completely satisfied with the plugin, you can request a refund within 14 days of buying and we will give you 100% of your money back – no questions asked.

Any other questions?

If you have any further questions, please send an email to and I will answer as soon as I can.

$19.99 – $19.99
  • Select images to Pin in post editor
  • Pin images from old posts
  • Set custom board and description for every image