Frizzly is a free plugin that allows your readers to easily share your blog posts using various social networks. You can download it on the WordPress plugin repository.


If you have any issues with the plugin, report them in the plugin’s support forum. I do my best to help people who are experiencing issues with the plugin.

Few things I would like you to do when reporting a problem:

  • If you’re using a caching plugin (like W3 Total Cache) on your website, clear its cache. That might fix the issue.
  • One thread = one person + one problem.
    If you have a problem, start a new thread. Don’t post in a thread started by someone else saying “I have the same problem”. Any “me too” posts will be ignored. Start a new thread and answer only there. If another problem will occur somewhere in the future, start a new thread instead of reviving the old one. This lets me manage the support forum and make sure everyone gets help.
  • Include a URL address of the website and make sure the plugin is activated.
    Unless it’s a settings page issue or an error that crashes the site, I need the URL of the website and the plugin activated for debugging. If the plugin works but things aren’t rendering as they should, let me know which browser you are using.
  • If your issue is resolved, please let me know.

Downloading an older version of the plugin

Every released version of the plugin is available here, in the “Other versions” section. To install it, first make sure you have deactivated and deleted the version you’re using currently. Then download the zip file of the version you would like to use. Now you need to install it using the Plugin Upload feature. You can read about it here in the Install a Plugin using the WordPress Admin Plugin Upload section.